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The Ingenuity Behind Digital Voice Recorders


Digital voice recorder devices are mainly used in recording any music, voice clips and messages that are retained in a memory card to digital files. The main purpose of digital recorder is to record important or even simple events like press gatherings, symposiums and music concert and recitals. This device has become recognized and popular and well liked by most business individuals who like to have a recorded data and information without the fear of having any disturbances or interruptions.

These voice recorders also have the ability to transfer information to the computer. This has been a great innovation for the modern technology because of its high memory capable of storing large amount of information on a particular microprocessor as matched up with a cassette or mini-cassette.

There are lots of Digital recorders available in the market today. The recorders come with professional dictation recorder, music player, as well as micro-cassette recorder. The digital voice recorders features attractive styles, the sense of reliability and fast transmitting of documents to the mainframe, it is also easy to do editing and finally it is very handy.

Following are some well known brands for producing digital voice recorder; Olympus DS-330 Digital voice recorder, Olympus WS-200S Digital voice recorder, Olympus DM-10 Digital voice recorder, Sony ICDSX25VTP Digital voice recorder, and Panasonic RRUS380 Digital voice recorder.

All of the recorder’s features vary depending on the model and features. Though there are several brands to choose from there are two brands that stand out among the rest, the Sony Digital Voice Recorder and Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. Let us compare the two digital voice-recording devices and you are the judge which one can be considered the best and would suit your every need.

The Olympus DM-20 is one of the most popular models of Olympus. It has a large memory capacity of 128MB, has a built-in flash and best of all is, it gives 45 hours of voice recording time. Moreover, the Olympus recorder can hold 120 minutes of excellent quality mp3 music. It is Mac or PC compatible and you can easily upload and download songs or voice clips.

On the other hand, Sony’s most renowned recorder to match and even go beyond the DM-20 is the ICD-MS515 digital voice recorder. This unique device makes use of memory stick media. It is similar to the smart flash cards used in digital cameras. It has 8mb memory stick that can hold about 170 minutes of recording.

The memory is a bit smaller than the Olympus but you can just simply upgrade it to a larger memory sticks. The Sony ICD-MS515 has a built-in microphone, and has the ability to work with voice-to-print-software. It has also a USB and a voice e-mail system. This recorder is very light with a weight of less than 3 oz.

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Black And White Blues
digital music recording
Image by Boris Brückhäuser
If you want to know how it sounds you can Listen Here

This nice little tune is called Sally written and performed by a band called The Punch And Judy Show. I just played the harmonica tracks in the studio……and well OK it was not recorded with this cheesy little amp! As far as I remember I used a Fender Twin and a Hughes & Kettner Tubeman….

I shot this in the 90s when I used to play the Blues-Harp a lot and did B&W Photography almost exclusively…. If I only had such a good and affordable scanner these days I think I never went digital !!

BTW I still have that B&W-Blues but I decided to leave my film-tank on stand-by. When If not yet is the time to shot colour film……..colour-films and good labs are fading away……….

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Yashica MAT 124G
Kodak Tri-X
Kodak T-Max Developer 1+4
Home Grown Original 30×30 cm Baryta Print: Agfa Record Rapid
Canon 9000F Negative Scan

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