2008 Top MP3 Players Picks

Pink MP3 Players.net takes a look at the best consumer rated mp3 players of 2008 and gives you the straight scoop on whats hot. In this article we will take a look at some of the top consumer rated mp3 players to help you make a better decision in your purchsase of a new digital music player. The reviews have been split up into categories and will cover the best overall, the best value, the largest capacity, best bang for the buck and others. Let’s begin with the best budget MP3 player and then work our way up to the best overall player in all categories.

Best Bargain MP3 Player:

SanDisk Sansa Clip – This small mp3 player has received positive reviews from most major electronic review sources all over the globe. In the States alone it has got the most praise from the popular site CNet.com. PC magazine with their thorough back engineered reviews was overly positive of the SanDisk Sansa Clip. Equally positive results came in from Australia at GoodGear and the UK’s TrustedReviews.

People on the lookout for a great bargain in a new MP3 player sporting great sound and some good side features will be very pleased with the SanDisk Sansa Clip. It will be difficult to find a competitor for this small music player. Some of the high lites include great sound quality, which was a big surprise considering it’s small size and low price.

Other features that come in handy with the SanDisk Sansa Clip is an FM tuner in which you can record with the built in voice recorder. The Sansa Clip comes with a clip, hence the name, and is a great digital music player for the active type. The small OLED screen cannot display videos or photos, but makes is easy to navigate through the various menu and tracks.

Best Large Capacity MP3 Player:

Apple Ipod Classic – Apple has made some small changes the this excellent digital music player recently but many of the review sites have not updated their reviews. CNet and Macworld stood out and offered up some new opinions on the recent feature enhancements. Apple last year decided to take the Ipod Classic line down to only one model, but not before adding some cool new enhancements.

The add-ons were the genius feature to Itunes which will automatically create a 25 song playlist based on a song that is selected by the user. A voice recording feature has also been added to bring it up to speed with just about every other MP3 player on the market. The downside to the voice recording feature is that the Ipod doesn not have a built in mic, and will need a add-on. The Ipod Classic stays number 1 in the large capacity MP3 Player category.

Best Value MP3 Player:

SanDisk Sansa Fuze – For those of you are looking for a good alternative to the Apple Ipod Nano, this is the Digital Music player for you. Many reviewers have written their opinion on the SanDisk Sansa Fuze. All of the major review sites such as CNet.com, PC Magazine and PC World all provide testing-backed consumer reviews. Most people report that the SanDisk Sansa Fuze delivers on both quality sound and battery life.

The Ipod Nano’s video quality beat out the Sandisk Fuze and this was even overlooking the fact that you had to convert video files into a usable format with the included Fuze’s software. Other offerings were a Fm Tuner and digital voice recorder. A plus for the Fuze was its ability to have it’s memory extended with a memory card slot. Music stored on external cards were automatically incorporated into the users playlist. The SanDisk’s options and quality performance awarded it this position.

Best Overall Mp3 Player:

Apple Ipod Nano – You will find tons of reviews for the amazingly popular Apple Ipod Nano, all of the top reviewers have covered it. You will find detailed reviews at all of the major review sites such as CNet, Consumer Reviews and all of the PC Magazines. Some of the current updates include the Genius function that automates playlists using one song as a genre guide. Also a new shake to shuffle and a tilt sensor screen are cool new features.

The features still don’t match many of the competing Digital music players on the market such as an FM tuner. And there have been complaints of having to upgrade to the newest version of i-Tunes, since it is the only one that supports the Genius function. The Genius function also has to be activated within iTunes for it to work.

Apple and quality go hand in hand along with great customer service and support, Pink Mp3 Players.net agrees that if you want the best of the best, you will not go wrong with an Apple Ipod line of Digital MP3 players.

Reiko Soeda makes her living as a consumer reporter for a popular electronics magazine in Tokyo Japan. Read about 2008’s top Mp3 players in her post Pink Ipods . Reiko also is the author of the highly read blog Pink Mp3 Players .

Sunday afternoon music
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Last Friday night we went to get our healthy dose of electronic music at the winecellar of Malkasten where there was a Level Records DJ set – ohhhhh electronic music, how much do I love you? A LOT!

We got a couple of vinyl records when we left the party – forgot to ask for the code for the digital download but oh well, I had a listen on my vintage Philips record player (in need of a new needle, plus I am still sad that my Bang & Olufsen one broke)…

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